Deputy Principal Academics

Madam Linda Ayuku

Deputy Principal Academics

A message from the Deputy Principal Academics

The docket of the Deputy Principal in charge of Academics deals with the educational issues of students while they are at The Kisumu National Polytechnic. My role is to ensure that the institution delivers the curriculum effectively and efficiently. We would like the world to view the polytechnic as an institution that elicits excellent student performance through effective academic programs. Like any other Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) institution, our curriculum is skill-based and we deliver it in the best way possible. To achieve this we complement it through experiential learning i.e. use of practical lessons augmented with theoretical studies and academic field trips.

Among my duties is the coordination of teaching staff to ensure they prepare documents necessary for the delivery of academic programs and deliver their lectures. However, one of this office’s goals is to work towards the realization of teaching as an integral activity that does not require constant supervision and all involved to own the process. The polytechnic has greatly improved its academic standards due to the adoption of the Quality Management System (QMS). The system has improved management of the teaching process, making it easy to track students’ attendance, performance, carry out timely evaluations and release exam results promptly.

To enhance the relationship between students, lecturers and support staff, I have embraced an open-door policy to enable easy exchange of ideas and student guidance. Students should therefore feel free to share their views with the aim of improving academic performance because we all work as a team. Our efforts in the past have enabled progressive improvement in academic performance and we are working towards our graduates achieving more distinctions in all the eleven academic departments.

The Polytechnic cares about our potential students and sponsors, and would like them to know that we deliver our curriculum professionally to enable graduates solve real-world problems with the skills they gain. The polytechnic is strategically located near Lake Victoria, and will enable us to offer programs revolving around utilization of the water body as a resource, for example, marine engineering among other relevant courses. We are also in a region that has been known in the past to excel in cotton farming and we are collaborating with stakeholders to offer a course spanning the supply chain from farming to textile production.

To our stakeholders especially in industries, we are grateful for the industrial attachments and internships you offer our students and urge you to continue supporting us. We also call upon the community to collaborate with us through event sponsorship and to interact with us more frequently. We would also like to appreciate our sponsors and guardians, for the good work they do through offering financial support to our students in fees payment.