Heads of Departments

Academic Departments

Mrs. Linda W. Ayuku

Electrical & Electronic Engineering

Mr. Adipo Arthur

Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Elly Awuor Odhiambo

Automotive Engineering

Mr. Caleb Awiti

Applied Sciences

Mrs. Rose A. Oogo

Institutional Management

Mr. Gilbert Dwasi

Computer Studies & Mathematics

Mr. William Opondo

Building & Civil Engineering

Mrs. Maureen Marienga

Liberal Studies

Mrs. Millicent Sagero

Business Studies

Mr. Samuel O. Oballah

Entrepreneurship Education

Mrs. Beatrice Abura

Clothing and Textile Technology

Service Departments

Mr. Peter Odhiambo

Industrial Liason Officer

Mr. Peter Ogada

ICT Services

Mr. Odek F. Ochieng

Research & Innovation

Mr. John Messo

Examinations Officer

Mr. Anthony Maangi

Performance Contracts Coordinator

Mr. Achieng Tom O.

Quality Management Representative