Deputy Principal Academics

Message from the Deputy Principal Academics

Ms. Nelly Okoyo – Deputy Principal Academics

The Kisumu National Polytechnic is an institution of choice for potential students who are keen on achieving academic excellence in the area of technical education.

The institution is unique because it excels in almost all spheres; in academics, sports and creative arts, evident in the array of trophies displayed at the Principal’s office in the administration block. This is because we have a committed student and staff population.

My role as the Deputy Principal in charge of Academics is to supervise learning processes and ensure timetables, course outlines and lesson schemes are ready before teaching commences every semester. I also ensure Continuous Assessment Tests (CATs) and exams are administered appropriately.

I would like students to embrace an open door policy and I encourage them to feel free and raise burning issues in an organized way. To achieve excellence – great goals and good grades – they should remain disciplined, focused and committed to their core values.

From the lecturers and the management team, I expect a lot of two-way respect, openness and readiness to share constructive criticism.

My vision for the Polytechnic is for us to become a top tier national institution. During my tenure, I would like to see academic excellence that is the best in the industry, coupled with a highly disciplined student body and staff.

At the same time, we acknowledge that we are not operating in a vacuum. Our catchment area is no longer the surrounding region because we are now a national institution. For us to achieve our goals, we require planned and well thought out partnerships with relevant stakeholders in line with the Strategic Plan. We are ready to collaborate with both local and national players in lifting this institution to greater heights.

To achieve these goals I pledge to remain steadfast in my commitment to diligence while maintaining a good rapport with the staff and students to boost their morale.

I would like to reassure potential and current parents and students that the Kisumu National Polytechnic is an institution of choice and is a cut above the rest.

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