Deputy Registrar II

Message from the Deputy Registrar

Mr. George Luvaha

Deputy Registrar II

The Deputy Registrar is a member of the Office of the Registrar, leading the implementation of the Registrar’s directives, and providing services and supports to students to ensure smooth running of the institution structures and student academic success. My vision is to provide excellent academic support services linked to the best polytechnics globally. I also want to provide exemplary services to students and stakeholders in the institution while maintaining commitment to excellence and a focus on innovation.
As the only official ‘Office of Records’ for students pursuing courses at the polytechnic and the only office authorized to issue official transcripts, or to certify the enrollment and attendance of students, and other matters of record, the office has an important mission in the operation of the polytechnic. To this end, it has the responsibility to maintain timely and accurate records of the academic progress and accomplishments of its students, while maintaining the privacy and security of those records.
My also includes assisting the chief officers of the institution by providing reports, analyses, and recommendations required for policy formulation. We serve as policy makers and facilitate the implementation of institutional policy, providing interpretation and enforcement functions. Our office places service to students and staff first among its priorities, recognizing them as our primary constituency. This office also actively seeks ways to effectively communicate and to inform students of their rights, responsibilities and procedures as the primary information resource for students and staff.

In conclusion my roles include the following:

  • Acting as a link between the Office of the Registrar and the Institution by providing effective and clear communication.
  • Handling of student admission, registration, deferment of courses, collection of certificates, exam ratification, organizing open days and research and innovation.
  • Ensuring service delivery and other processes in the registry are efficient and managed to standards of excellence, aligning with best practices and adhering to internal and external policies and procedures.
  • Counseling and advising students, parents and staff on academic matters.
  • Listening to student complaints regarding admissions, registrations and records, and setting up appropriate processes for resolution.
  • Keep the academic records of all students registered in the University and issue official transcripts and reports of such records

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