Deputy Registrar

Message from the Deputy Registrar

Mrs. Fellystas Obiero

Deputy Registrar

As the Deputy Registrar my role involves deputizing the Registrar in the implementation of the department’s objectives while providing services and support to students to ensure smooth running of the institution and its structures.

Some of the responsibilities we have as a department include  providing effective and clear communication between various sections; handling student admission, registration, deferment of courses, collection of certificates, exam ratification, organizing open days and research and innovation; ensuring service delivery and other processes are efficient and service oriented, managed to the standards of excellence, aligning with best practices and adhering to internal and external policies and procedures; counseling and advising students, faculty, and staff on academic matters as well as listening to student complaints regarding admissions and registrations and setting up appropriate processes for resolution.

My vision as the Deputy Registrar is to be a provider of excellent academic support services that are likened to the best polytechnics globally and my mission is to provide exemplary services to students and stakeholders in the management of academic programs while ensuring the integrity of academic records. I aim to achieve this by enhancing the interactions between our clients and the institution and by delivering excellent customer service, accepting feedback where necessary, and using a quality framework for development of the institution.

To achieve this mission and vision I hope I can enhance the use of digital technology, the polytechnic website, the institution’s Facebook page and other social media platforms that are accessible to students and other stakeholders.

To the staff, students and parents, there is power in team work. Let’s cooperate in everything we do. George Shinn says “There is no such thing as a self-made man. You will reach your goals only with the help of others.” And to all our potential students, the hardest person you’ll ever face is the one looking back at you in the mirror. We are either our own best friend or our own worst enemy. It’s up to us to decide which one. Find in yourself the friend you need to succeed through thick and thin.

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