electoral-official-stamping-ballot-papersThe Kisumu National Polytechnic Students’ Association held its election on October 27, 2016 following a week-long campaign period culminating in a two-day voting exercise.

On the first day voters elected candidates for the Chairperson and Vice Chairperson positions while on the second day they selected the Secretary General, Academics and Finance executives as well as various representatives. “The election process has been smooth after a very active campaign period and we are proud to be part and parcel of this democratic process”, said Mrs. Khoja, the Dean of Students.

Candidates conducted vigorous campaigns, especially over the hotly contested positions of the Secretary General and Chairperson. They displayed huge banners, fliers and posters in the designated areas of the institution as they wooed students to vote for them. Supporters coined campaign tunes, songs of praise and chants in favor of their preferred candidates.

The administration ensured candidates conducted peaceful canvassing and enlisted the services of the police to maintain calm in the institution. “We have prepared very well and hope to have a peaceful, free and fair elections exercise over the two days,” said Returning Officer Mr. Dibondo, before the election.

student-electorate-queueing-voteOn Election Day, the administration maintained a well-organized polling station near the library that clerks operated from 6 a.m. Long queues of students snaked their way around the building as voters thronged the venue, indicating a high turnout. This year the administration deployed a biometric voter identification system and student registers to confirm voter eligibility. The entire exercise mimicked the national General Elect ion that the country conducts every five years.

The KINAPOSA election process in Kisumu National Polytechnic begins after the Dean of Students dissolves the students’ executive whose term has ended and announces new election dates through a circular. The Office of the Registrar then vets aspirants to confirm that they meet requirements of the KINAPOSA constitution to hold office. KNP values this thorough vetting of aspirants as it helps the institution in grooming future leaders who cherish integrity.

swearing-minister-nutrition-sanitationA swearing-in ceremony that the KINAPOSA Secretary General conducted followed the announcement of winners, with the Principal and the administration also officiating.

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