Campaigns for the Kisumu National Polytechnic Students’ Association reached their climax today as aspirants intensified their vote hunts ahead of the elections scheduled for tomorrow June 8, 2018.

Candidates approached voters using an array of innovative wooing strategies in a bid to tilt the support base in their favor ahead of the exercise that begins at 7 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. With crowds of cheering supporters backed with banners and posters, aspirants combed the nooks and crannies of the institution in search of voters who for once became masters of the leadership game. Blaring vuvuzelas, whistles and drums rent the air as competitors engaged each other in a show of strength. Well endowed candidates even brought along vehicles mounted with speakers to convey their message to voters. The aspirants who only a day earlier concluded vetting and hit the campaign trail gave speeches about their plans for the student body, seeking to surpass the performance of their predecessors whose terms come to an end immediately after the election.

Voting will be through electronic secret ballots with registered electors expected to cast their votes at their respective departments. “Each candidate is expected to be stationed at the Hospitality Building throughout the exercise and must have one agent at all the polling stations, which are eight in number. There, they can observe the live streaming of results because every time a ballot is cast, the variation will reflect immediately”, said Lucy Khoja, the dean of students.

This election marks the second occasion when the institution has used electronic voting after introducing it in 2017, providing a platform for students and candidates to participate in a free, fair and transparent exercise devoid of complaints and mistrust.

“The results will be announced at 4 pm, immediately after voting closes and the swearing-in of the winning candidates will take place the following day”, Mrs. Khoja added.

A total of 44 candidates are fighting it out for 13 posts with only 23 expected to win and form the student’s body.


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