Musa Ochieng Rabong’o, 23, is a cool and calculating young man who speaks in measured words and tones, rarely getting excited, but always making his point. His demeanor fits his preferred career, an accountant in the business department since joining The Kisumu National Polytechnic in September 2016. Rabong’o spent his childhood in South Nyanza, studying at Yogo Primary School in Rangwe then Migori Boys, from where he graduated in the class of 2015. He fondly remembers his high school years when he played soccer for the school team as a defender and how the team won the Migori zonal championships in 2014.

Once he was in TKNP he came to realize that the first step to KINAPOSA leadership was by becoming a class representative, which he quickly achieved in his first semester. It is from this position that he witnessed firsthand, student complaints about funds misuse, erratic internal bursary distribution from the union and diversion of union funds to executive entertainment. It is this fiscal indiscipline within the last two KINAPOSA offices that inspired him to help students take charge of their funds and spend them well

The treasurer’s top priorities over the next 12 months is to bring transparency to students’ funds by sharing financial details through open collaboration with other KINAPOSA executives, enhancing accountability to students about their funds. “I also want to introduce equity in funds allocation because previously some KINAPOSA departments and student initiatives never got support simply because the treasurers didn’t get along with the leaders,” he says.  

In his first 100 days in office he hopes to rejuvenate the internal bursary scheme for students and make it a regular and predictable benefit. He also hopes to change the student entertainment location in partnership with the entertainment secretary, from Lakers restaurant on Busia Road to Jumuia Hotel which is closer to TKNP, more spacious and safer.


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