Students Organization

The Kisumu National Polytechnic Student's Association (KINAPOSA)


Fanuel Odoyo



Ouma Sarah Akumu

Secretary General


Maxwell Owuor Otieno

Finance Controller


Kennedy Ouma Makada

Academics Affairs Minister


Ndisio Naphtali Wasonga

Vice Chairman


Patrick Owino Pascal

Asst. Secretary General


Joshua Owino Otieno

Asst. Academic Affairs


William Dawson Owuor

Information Security Minister


Norman Mumbo Odhiambo

Health Environment Minister


Josephine Oloo

Nutrition Sanitation Minister


Chris Owalla

Sports Minister


Edwin Omondi Odhiambo

Culture Entertainment Minister

Benedict Omondi-Ong'ondo-Building-Civil-Engineering-KINAPOSA

Benedict Omondi Ong’ondo

Dep Rep. Building Civil Engineering


Fredrick Omondi

Dep Rep. Business Studies


Rober Robern Ndolo

Dep Rep. Maths Computer


Omondo Piterlis Owino

Dep Rep. Mechanical Engineering


Olima Boniface

Dep Rep. Electrical Engineering


Kepher Ochieng Nyandire

Dep Rep. Liberal Studies


Dep Rep. Institutional Management


The Kisumu National Polytechnic Student’s Association (KINAPOSA) is the representative union that speaks for the interests of all students in Kisumu National Polytechnic. KINAPOSA has the mandate of representing as well as pursuing the wellbeing of the students.


KINAPOSA consists of an executive that is the Chairman, Secretary General, Finance executive and Academic Affairs representative with the support of ministers and other congressmen/women.

The executive consisting of the Chairman, Secretary General, Academic and Finance representatives have the direct representatives of the students internally to the administration and externally to other technical and national institutions or bodies.


KINAPOSA airs the views of students regarding any aspect of the institution’s that requires learners’ participation. This removes the disorder that comes about when mob rule prevails, and allows other stakeholders who want to engage the students to do it in an orderly manner.

When it comes to pursuit of scholar interests, KINAPOSA has a budget drawn from student contributions that it uses to organize various capacity building initiatives for learners. Some of these initiatives include seminars, workshops, internship and apprenticeships, among others. In this way, students are able to transition into society, finding appropriate forums to pursue their career interests.

The Student Association recently held their elections ushering in a new set of leaders who have since taken over from the previous leadership after their term expired. The election process which was fairly done was preceded by a mock election presided over by the internal election body led by the Chief Commissioner and other team members.  The student aspirants engaged in a week-long campaign, then followed by two days of actual polling, on day one election of the executive members was done and rest of the positions on the second day of polling. The elections help entrench strong leadership skills in the students.

The culmination of the election process of KINAPOSA was a grand swearing in ceremony witnessed by the Principal and the Kisumu national Polytechnic Academic and administrative teams.

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