Message from the Chairman KINAPOSA

Mr. Fanuel Odoyo Ongewe


My role as chairman of KINAPOSA is to unify the students’ union. I have a responsibility to guide students directly and indirectly through their leaders.

I would like to advise our student leaders to avoid wrangles and focus on their roles to assist students in achieving their goals. They should be forthright, maintain high integrity and serve as an example while protecting the unity of KINAPOSA.

To help our students achieve their academic and extra-curricular goals, I advise them to stay focused and work together with their leaders to foster a healthy learning environment and to avoid unnecessary friction with administration and fellow students.

In the global eco system where we exist it is prudent to prepare ourselves as future leaders of this country and inspire students in various sectors to excel in technical fields which are the future of this country as per the Vision 2030 blueprint. The legacy we will leave as office holders is unifying the student fraternity with their leaders and the administration.

We have plans to engage in business activities that will provide funds aimed at supporting needy but bright students. For this to be successful we will liaise with the administration and secure continued support for our proposals. We also plan to raise funds through our innovations to pay fees for needy students. To create cultural awareness and preserve our heritage we plan to organize cultural shows in partnership with other institutions to nurture the talent in the institution.

I urge the students to work closely with us as my leadership stands for change; we represent them well by having positive discussions to find amicable solutions, offering academic counsel to students.  Fellow students, we should view the academic and non-teaching staff as our parents and uphold the respect that is characteristic of Kisumu National Polytechnic students.

To potential students and parents/sponsors I would advise you to join and to sponsor your sons and daughters TKNP which is the best technical institution in Kenya.

If you Have Any Questions Call Us On +254 723 446 773

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