Finance Controller KINAPOSA

Message from the Finance Controller KINAPOSA

Mr. Maxwell Owuor Okello

Finance Controller KINAPOSA

The main role of the Office of the Financial Controller is to oversee the budgeting function at the Kisumu National Polytechnic Students’ Association (KINAPOSA) and head the budget Committee. The FC also serves as the association’s Chief Finance Officer (CFO).

As the CFO, I have a committee of four who help me in vetting budgets for events and other KINAPOSA functions, we also perform procurement functions albeit with less detail compared to the Supply Chain Department. Our success lies in early budgeting, which allows administration to review and act on our plans promptly.

My office also documents and maintains the financial records of the student association and publishes financial reports at the end of every term to inculcate accountability and transparency among young leaders. We are accountable for the finances of the association and disburse funds for approved projects.

KINAPOSA has an Auditor General who is responsible for auditing our books with the help of the Polytechnic’s internal auditor. Finance is a sensitive docket in the institution that can easily overwhelm a student. It is important to balance duties by using organizational skills to prioritize academics while effectively serving the association. I would like to remind all the students that academic performance is our core business and other roles are secondary, therefore they should strike a healthy balance.

We consult amongst ourselves as the student body first before we escalate any issues and only complex issues reach the administration for guidance. I would like to urge students to view me as a fellow student and a brother with whom they can consult on academic and financial matters.

The key to my success has been timely preparation of budgets guided by the institution’s calendar.  During my tenure I have ensured smooth operations and issuance of student leaders allowances. I look forward to a time when we shall be able to make direct disbursement of the allowances through the bank as this will make the work easier.

I urge the staff and administration to continue supporting students through guidance; emotional and financial support

TKNP is one of the best institutions that produces the best technical and business minds in the country and I would encourage other students who are keen on joining the institution not to think twice about it.

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