Secretary General KINAPOSA

Message from the Secretary General KINAPOSA

Ms. Ouma Sarah Akumu

Secretary General KINAPOSA

My role involves liaison and communication between students and the administration. As the Secretary General I also conduct our meetings, take minutes and write reports.

To communicate with students, I use existing channels and follow the association’s protocol which is thr0ugh the departmental representatives, often referred to as the DRs. I also communicate through our Facebook account CCP which is the student leaders of the Kisumu National Polytechnic official page set aside to discuss an array of issues. We also use internal memos to communicate with students especially when passing information that is verified by the Dean’s Office. I also oversee the role of the other elected student representatives and ensure they effectively administer their duties. The office has a responsibility to ensure the smooth running of all KINAPOSA activities and events.

As a woman my vision is to empower female students within the polytechnic and beyond through engaging successful leaders such as our principal, dean and others. We have witnessed a change at the Kisumu National polytechnic and I am proof of that, this position of the Secretary General has never been held by a lady in the history of this institution and with this opportunity I wish to make a mark by setting up mentorship programs for female students while encouraging them not to engage in destructive activities.

As KINAPOSA leaders we want to engage in income generating activities to support the academic support of needy students. We have an open-door policy and are always ready to support and guide them where we can and of course escalate issues that are challenging.

TKNP is unique. We are a small, tightly-knit family where students are open minded and our academic staff are committed towards attainment of academic excellence. The Institution is all inclusive and all students are treated equally, we recognize that disability is not inability and give equal opportunity to all while supporting those in need where necessary.

To potential parents and guardians, the Kisumu National Polytechnic is a vibrant institution that not only provides academic guidance but also excels in extra-curricular activities and linkages that help expand their capacity. To improve ourselves further as a student body we could like to continuously bench mark in successful institutions and work closely with them to get new ideas.

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