The Kisumu National Polytechnic

User Orientation


User Education is the program that equips library users with skills to access, evaluate and use the information to satisfy their needs

We offer user education in our library in three levels which include;

Library Orientation: It is an introduction to library building and some basic reference materials. The orientation is aimed at the following; Motivation for searching and using the information, Creating awareness about available information resources, Exposing them to various organizational tools of the library.

Library Instruction: It teaches the users, how to use the indexes, bibliographic tools, abstracts, and other references materials. This level often gives instructions to the researchers in their field to get specific information resources. The aims are as follows; Provide specific instructions to how to use and understand specific information system, information sources and tools.

Bibliographic Instruction: These instructions aimed at; exposing to the users the bibliographical tools. Providing guidance to understand the features of these tools and their nature of subject coverage.


Methods used to provide User Education:

  1. Lecture Method: This is the most preferred kind of instruction in our library. We employ it for teaching large groups of users.
  1. On-Site Visit to the Library: this is where users visit our library and we show them around giving them the necessary instruction s and guidance on how to use the library.

Opening Hours

Library working hours:

Monday to Thursday – 8:15am to 6pm

Friday                        – 8:15am to 4pm

Saturday                    – 8:30am to 2pm

Sunday and public holidays –closed

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