Applied Science Department

The Applied Sciences department in Kisumu National Polytechnic works with internal and external collaborators such as industry and consumer groups to deliver quality education while providing a favorable environment for staff to thrive. Its goal is to recognize, reinforce and promote interdependence among teaching, research and professional practice.

The courses are heavily lab-based with a focus on experimentation and methodical analysis of findings designed to give an excellent platform for future careers in preferred professions either in academic research or in the commercial sphere.

The educational philosophy of the department centers on experience-based learning or learning by doing. The programs include fieldwork, industry visits and internships outside the polytechnic. Practicality and employability are at the forefront of what the Applied Sciences department does; its students bring together scientific techniques with social, ethical and professional dimensions of science.

State- of -the –art laboratory facilities support teaching and applied research. The scientific skills lecturers teach are in high demand in industries and its courses carry professional accreditation from leading bodies (Kenya Medical Technicians and Technologists Board, Pharmacy and Poisons Board). The department’s staff is professional and industry experienced and has a great deal to offer.

The Applied Sciences department is business focused, seeking to develop sustainable partnerships with industry. Businesses also access its excellent and ready-for-the-lab students through placements and graduate recruitment.


To be a renowned centre of research and training in science


To train highly qualified technicians able to handle the challenges of modern research and practice in science

Our Courses

The department has grown progressively – in terms of the number of courses, student population and staffing – since its establishment. It currently has a student population of over 500 and offers six courses, five at the diploma level and one at certificate level.

They include:
  • Diploma Applied Biology: Minimum C- minus
  • Diploma Analytical chemistry: Minimum C- minus
  • Diploma in Environmental Science: Minimum C-(module)
  • Diploma in Medical Laboratory Technology: Minimum C plain; Biology and Chemistry C plain; English or Kiswahili C plain; Mathematics or Physics C plain
  • Diploma in Pharmaceutical Technology: Minimum C plain; Biology C plain ; Chemistry C plain; English or Kiswahili C plain; Mathematics or Physics C plain
  • Certificate in Science Laboratory Technology: Minimum D+ plus

Our Staff

  Name Qualifications Specialization Responsibilities
1 Elly Tetty M.Sc. Physical Chemistry


BEd Science, Egerton University Head of Department
3 Dinah Nyaitondi Ombuna ·         Bachelors – B. Ed (Science) Kenyatta University

·         Masters – M. Sc (Applied Analytical Chemistry) Kenyatta University


Lecturing Chemistry (15 years) Lecturer
4 Ken Amadi Osewe Bachelors – B. Sc (Medical Laboratory Science) Kenyatta University


Medical Laboratory Technologist Lecturer
5 Josephine Dulo ·         Bachelors – B. Sc (Chemistry) Moi University

·         Masters – M. Phil (Environmental Health) Moi University


Lecturing Chemistry Lecturer
6 James Olando Osewe ·         Bachelors – B. Ed (Science) Kenyatta University

·         Masters – M. Sc (Chemistry) Kenyatta University


Lecturing Organic Chemistry (8 years) Lecturer
7 George Luvaha ·         Bachelors – B. Ed, Kenyatta University

·         Masters – M. Sc (Chemistry) Maseno University


Lecturing Chemistry and Mathematics (21 years), Specializing in Natural Products Chemistry Lecturer
8 Susan Atieno Ogwai ·         Bachelors – Moi University

·         Masters – JKUAT


Medical Laboratory Technologist Senior Lecturer
9 India Jacqueline ·         Bachelors – Kenyatta University

·         Masters – Kenyatta University


Microbiologist and ISO champion Lecturer
10 Robert Juma ·         Bachelors – University of District of Columbia, Washington DC

·         Masters – North Carolina Agricultural and Technical University, Greensboro, USA.


Management, Soil Sciences Assistant Lecturer
11 Solomon Ondoro Ojiayo ·         Bachelors – Technical University of Kenya

·         Masters – Kenyatta University


Lecturing and demonstrations in Medical Laboratory Techniques Lecturer
12 Rose Bhoke Oyugi ·         Bachelors – JKUAT

·         Masters – Kenyatta University

·         Doctorate – Kenyatta University (ongoing)

·         Lecturing Analytical Chemistry

·         Helped develop Kisumu Polytechnic Anti-Corruption Policy

·         Participated in developing Kisumu Polytechnic Environmental Policy

13 Luciana Okwiri Bachelors – Egerton University


·         Lecturing Chemistry and Mathematics

·         Specializing in research areas concerning the Environment

14 Fredrick Omolo Onyango Bachelors – Kenyatta University


Lecturing Lecturer
15 Caleb Awiti M. Sc. Medical Microbiology Departmental Exams Officer

Course Coordinator-Applied Biology and Environmental Science


16 Erick Seda Course Coordinator (Pharmacy)


17 Michael Ogallo B. Sc. Science Departmental Time Table Officer

Guidance and Counseling

18 Maurine Mwangi B. Sc. Microbiology Guidance and Counseling


19 Prof. Ombaka PhD Pharmacy
20 Petronila Odera M. Sc.
21 Naphtali Ochenya M. Sc Chemistry
22 Fredrick Ochang B. Ed (Science)
23 Ruth Mwale M. Sc. Entomology and Veterinary Science
24 Tyrus Omondi B. Sc. Med Lab
25 Julius Odera Nyagilo HNDMLT
26 George Onyango B. Sc. Med Lab
27 Walter Agingu M. Sc. Public Health
28 Willis Wayodi Technologist (Diploma MLS)
29 Martin Njoga Technician