The Kisumu National Polytechnic

Current Awareness


A Current Awareness Service (CAS) is a service that provides up-to-date information on a specific topic or field. It is designed to keep individuals, researchers, and professionals informed of the latest developments, trends, and news in their areas of interest.

Types of Current Awareness Service that are used in our library include;

Current Awareness Bulletin: Which covers the following; General information about the library e.g. new members of the library staff, new telephone numbers, new services, etc. General news items (items culled out from newspapers relating to libraries etc)

Table of Contents (TOC) List Service: Here the contents pages of new information materials are photocopied and sent to the users according to their areas of interest.

List of New Arrivals: The list of new books acquired by the library can be prepared either through the software which is being used by the library or manually. The list is sent to the various clients of the library to browse. Samples of the new arrivals are displayed in the display area of the library building.

Newspaper Clipping Service: we also provide newspaper clipping service to the users. Newspapers are current awareness media and they carry useful information for the readers.

Opening Hours

Library working hours:

Monday to Thursday – 8:15am to 6pm

Friday                        – 8:15am to 4pm

Saturday                    – 8:30am to 2pm

Sunday and public holidays –closed

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