Deputy Principal Administration

CPA. Wilfred Owalla

Deputy Principal Administration

A message from the Deputy Principal Administration

For the Government of Kenya to accomplish the ‘BIG FOUR’ agenda and Vision 2030, a top-notch work-force has to be developed. This is only possible through institutions that offer quality training like The Kisumu National Polytechnic. This institution is focused on producing a high-quality workforce, well trained in technology and Innovation for this country and the region’s needs.

As the Deputy Principal in charge of administration affairs, my responsibility is to coordinate both the teaching and support staff in the effective implementation of the training curriculum, which is geared towards production of a workforce equipped with skills and competencies that industry demands. These skills and competencies should also provide solutions to the socio-economic challenges we face as a country. It is the responsibility of this office to enhance cordial relationship between the institution and key stakeholders for the purposes of cultivation of goodwill. My desire is to help TKNP achieve its objectives as envisaged in the mission and vision statements. This will only be achieved through enhanced support to the office of the Principal in the management of both human and physical resources.

Maintenance of student and staff discipline is another active function of this office as well as enhancing their engagement in various activities that promote integration, cohesion and harmonious co-existence with the progressive growth in student numbers and the unique diversity of the polytechnic.

As an ISO 9001:2015 institution, we observe internationally acceptable standards in interaction with our clients. We welcome trainees to pursue their careers here. This is the place to be if one wants to excel. We have excellent, skilled and competent trainers who are always at hand to deliver. I welcome you all to join us in building The Kisumu National Polytechnic.