Liberal Studies Department

Department Overview

The Department of Liberal Studies was established in 1986 when the then Kisumu Technical School turned into a middle level College in 1986.
It is a service department offering services in Communication skills, English, Social studies and Life skills to technical and business departments.

The department introduced the Social Development course in the year 2005. The course was being offered at Craft level.

In 2008, it opened its doors to Diploma in Social Work and Community Development course. The Diploma courses are offered at module I, II and III levels.

In September 2015, the department further launched the Craft Information Studies and Diploma in Information Studies course. The first students sat for their exams in November 2017. Since the inception of the course the Department boasts of very good results which have continued to post.

In 2018 the Department also launched Diploma in Counselling course which is now in its module II.
The department has continued to churn out highly qualified and competent graduates as social and community development workers, Counselors and Library and Information professionals. The department is equipped with well-trained committed focused and disciplined staff who will stop at nothing to ensure that the national polytechnic realizes its mission and vision.
Since the ISO Certification of the Kisumu National Polytechnic, the department has strived to maintain the ISO Standards.

Special thanks go to the Governing Council and Administration of the Kisumu National Polytechnic for its continued support to the department and above all we give glory to God for his grace and mercies that have enabled the department to achieve all that it has.

Our Vision:

To be a leading department in offering communication skills and training social work and community development students. .

Our Mission.

To train and produce highly competent and qualified graduates who can compete favorable in the job market and help in nation building.

Quality Statement

The department strives to offer quality service and training.

Core Values

• Integrity
• Professionalisms
• Team work
• Effective communication
• Skills and knowledge development

Our Objectives:

To achieve 100% coverage of the work schemed by the end of term.
To attain 84%pass rate from 83.5%in the external examination.