The Kisumu National Polytechnic

Department of Business and Entrepreneurship Studies

The Business Studies & Entrepreneurship department is one of the 10 academic departments in Kisumu National Polytechnic.
The department has an objective of ensuring 100% syllabus coverage within the specified period as well as achieving a 100% pass in all external exams.
To achieve this the department has embarked on an elaborate programme to professionalize the department by having students undertake professional courses and accounting packages alongside their primary courses.
The institutions is a centre for KASNEB Courses.
The student population in the department is 1300.
COURSES OFFERED The department of Business Studies & Entrepreneurship offers a wide variety of courses both at academic and professional levels Certificate Level
  • Banking & Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Single & Group
Diploma level
  • Accountancy
  • Banking & Finance
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Business Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Road Transport Management
Higher Diploma
  • Secretarial Management
  • Human Resource Management
Professional courses (KASNEB)
  • ATD 1,2,3
  • CAMS
  • CPA Sec 1,2,3,4,
  • Associate in Procurement and Supply
  • Certified Procurement and Supply Professional
  • Associate in Purchase and Supply
The department is staffed by 45 highly qualified Trainers, 19 are TSC staff and 26 are the Polytechnic Council staff. Currently 1 is a PHD holder and 3 staff members are undertaking their PHD in local universities. Staff list includes:
Edwina Otieno Deputy Hod Human Resource Management
Philemon Maina Departmental Examination Officer Economics / Marketing
Ruth    Owuor Deputy Examination Departmental Officer /Guidance And Counselling Secretarial Studies
Charles Mboi Kasneb Coordinator Accounting
Peter Otieno In- Charge – Timetable Economics
Tom Achieng In –Charge Iso Economics/Taxation
Barack Oro Examination Officer Supply Chain Management
Roseline Osir Deputy Examination Officer Mathematics/Quantitative Techniques
Dr Nyangara   Project Management
Steve Ouko   Auditing/Principles & Practice  Of Management
Achieng  Tom   O   Taxation
Antonty Maangi   Economics
Patrick Lumumba   Commercial Law
Miriam Nyabwanda In Charge -Guidance And Counselling Secretarial Studies
Thomas Nyangor   Financial Accounting/Cooperative Management
Adonijah Ayoche   Financial Accounting
Mr.Omondi   Marketing
Rebecca A Nyakwaka Attachment Coordinator Secretarial Studies /French
Jack Kenedy Omondi    
    Financial Accounting
    Secretarial Studies
Patrick .N.  Lumumba   Law
Miriam Nyabwanda   Secretarial Studies
Anthony Maangi   Economics
Thomas  O Nyang’or   Financial Accounting
Samwel Asiago   ICT/Economics
David Muganda   Banking
Monica Genga   Shorthand
Christine Njagi   Shorthand
Joan Etenyi   ICT
Sylvia Tallam   Entrepreneurship
Joshua Onyango   Banking & Finance
Protus Nyamu   Entrepreneurship
Antony Magomere   Accounting
Lavine Akinyi Owuor   Accounting
Esther Ngigi   Supply Chain Management
James Ominde   ICT
Wilson Obuya   ICT
Oichoe Geofrey   Accounting/Finance
Mary Mwandije   Supply Chain Management
Makdii Ishmael   Accounting
Jean Paul Munyasi   Business/Law
Lazarus Luseno   Business/Law
Pamela Nyakonya   Supply Chain Management
Elijah Rangili   Marketing
Joyce Obonyo   Supply Chain Management
Ben Yegon   Human Resource Management
Charles Raymond   Business Management
Ouru Oroko   Accounting
Vincent Okoth Magero   Banking & Finance
Peter Paul Okwaro   Entrepreneurship

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