The Kisumu National Polytechnic

Department of Liberal Studies

Message from HoD

Liberal Studies Department trains students pursuing qualifications in Social Work and Community Development at diploma and certificate levels. To join at diploma level, a trainee must have scored a minimum mean grade of C- at KCSE level and to start at certificate level, the minimum entry requirement is D plain. Trainees who have passed certificate level and would wish to pursue diploma, join at module two and take one and a half years to get the new qualification. The last group of Diploma in Counselling is exiting in November 2023. Liberal Studies Department also services all other nine departments in Communication Skills. The department prides itself in being the best performer in national exams in Kisumu National Polytechnic over the years, with an average pass rate of over 90% in the last five years. Most of our alumni work in non-governmental organizations and community based organizations where their output is outstanding. Others have diversed into government service as children officers, gender officers, disaster management officers, probation officers and military welfare officers among others. Some have progressed to do pedagogy in other institutions and are teaching social work and community development in other technical institutions. Plans are underway to gradually phase out programmes examined by Kenya National Examinations Council and instead have a more hands-on competency based education and training at level five and level six. This has been necessitated by changing dynamics in the industry and government policies.
Course Name Course Requirement Duration  Examination Body
Social Work and Community Development C- for level 6 3 KNEC and CDACC
D Plain for Level 5 2
1 Benjamin Otieno Communication Skills, Psychology Head of Department
2 Mary Owala Communication Skills Deputy Head of department
3 Calvince Were Communication Skills Industrial Liaison Officer
4 Allan Keith Otieno Communication Skills Examination Officer
5 Chalton Okumu Communication Skills Deputy Examination Officer
6 Rael Awuor Community development & Social Work Research Coordinator
7 Evans Watera Kiswahili, Communication Skills Trainer
8 Mary Omondi Community development & Social Work Deputy Industrial Liaison Officer
9 Anne Ogwari Community development & Social Work Course Tutor Craft
10 Irene Awuor Communication Skills & Social Work Course Tutor Diploma
11 Dr. Evaline Margie Osore Communication Skills, Counselling Course Tutor Counselling
12 Jeremiah Juma Social Work & Community Development PSC Intern & Timetabler
The Department has state-of-the-art classrooms with modern and comfortable furniture in the second floor of Social Sciences building. The lecture rooms are in a serene environment, conducive for training and learning. Plans are at an advanced stage of starting a lactorium where trainees with babies can leave their young ones under expert care of professional social workers during the day. The intention is to help trainee mothers receive quality training offered by Kisumu National Polytechnic without worrying about the safety of their young ones. Special rooms will be created where breastfeeding trainee mothers can comfortably feed their children and rush back to catch up with the training programmes. A modest fee will be charged for the service.

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