Department of Institutional and Hospitality Management


The department of Hospitality, Institutional Management and Fashion Design offers Diploma, Certificate, Artisan and Short courses. The department has over the years equipped trainees with knowledge and skills which have given them an upper hand in the job market. The Hospitality and Institutional Management Section has produced well sought after graduates due to their mastery of skills acquired in the training. TKNP is the Regional Flagship TVET Institute for Textile Technology (RFTITT) under the component of strengthening selected Regional Flagship TVET Institutes for high quality skills development in priority sectors. In the Fashion Design Section, through the East Africa skills for transformation and regional flagship project (EASTRIP), the Fashion and Design section together with industry experts have developed twelve Competency Based Education and Training (CBET) courses in textile technology which are market driven .The department is equipped with forty two qualified staff and currently the trainee population is at one thousand four hundred. The department has an income generating unit ‚ÄďGuest house and Garment production unit. The department is in the process of developing curricula for Hairdressing operation, Event management and Tannery and Leather Technology courses.
Welcome to the Department of Hospitality, Institutional Management and Fashion Design. We are a celebrated department that comprises several different disciplines. The department is committed to the core values of customer services, creativity and innovation, as well as excellence. The department offers Diploma, Certificate and Artisan courses. The academic staff consists of experienced trainers as well as technical staff with various expertise in different fields.  The main research areas in the department are Catering, Accommodation, Tourism, Fashion design and clothing construction. The ultimate aim of the skills acquired at the end of the course period is to create a responsible trainee who will serve the country and society through innovation, education, and research. It is our prime endeavor to make our department an excellence point for the trainees who want to explore in the various fields we offer. I wish you a rewarding and stimulating learning experience at the Department of Hospitality, Institutional Management and fashion Design.

Stella Wangalwa, Department Head

  course Entry Requirements Duration Examining Body
  Artisan in Food & Beverage  Production Practical K.C.S.E  Mean Grade D-(minus)and below   1 year   KNEC
  Artisan in Dressmaking
  Artisan in Tailoring
  Certificate in Fashion Design & Garment Making KCSE D Plain or Artisan Certificate 2years KNEC
  Certificate in Catering And Accommodation Operations
  Certificate in Tour Guiding Operations
  Diploma in Fashion Design & Clothing Technology K.C.S.E Mean Grade C-(Minus) OR KNEC Craft Certificate for Module II. 3yars KNEC
  Diploma In Catering And Accommodation
  Diploma In Tourism Management
  Diploma in Tour guiding management
  Fashion  Design Level 6      
  Free Hand Garment Design ,Cutting And Construction KCPE/KCSE/RPL 3 Months TKNP
  Sewing Machine Maintenance
  Tie And Dye Processing
  Hand Screen Printing
  Knitting Operations
  Embroidery Machine Operation
1. Stella Wangalwa Clothing &Textile HOD
2. Lilian A.Oningu Clothing Technology.   Deputy HOD- Clothing And Textiles Section
3. Joy Ajwang Ecotourism, hotel and institutional management. Deputy HOD-Hospitality Section
4. Rose Oogo Food and beverage service and sales  
5. Beatrice Abura   Research Cordinator
6. Robert Onyango Hospitality management.  
7. Janet Ochieng Ecotourism Hotel & Institution Management  
8. Perpetua Achieng Oyuu Food & Beverage Production Examination Officer Guidance And Counseling Officer
9. Grace Caroline Atieno Odhiambo Mugah Hospitality & Tourism Course Tutor
10. Joyce Rotich Clothing and Textile , food and nutrition.  
11. Eunice Atieno Odallo Fashion Design & Clothing Technology.  
12. Alice Nyamungu Food And Beverage Management Industrial Liaison Officer
13.  Martha Atieno Food And Beverage Deputy Departmental ILO
14. Sarah Nekesa Pingo Hotel & Hospitality Management Welfare Officer
15. Sylvia Chepkoech Tourism Management  
16. Esther Wanjiku Ng’ang’a Tourism & Hospitality ¬†
17. Mogaka Henry Nyamogosa Hospitality Management Time Table Officer
18. Cassim Namukabo Mariam. Textile Apparel Design & Fashion Merchandising Time Table Officer
19. Faith Toroni Fashion Design & Clothing Technology Examination Officer
20. Anjeline Anyango  Odero Textile  & Clothing Technology ICT Representative
21. Jerop Gladys Apparel and Fashion Design Examination Officer
22. Rachel Naliaka Chesome Hospitality &Tourism Management Examination Officer  
23.  Linda Mutenyo Wambulwa   Clothing & Textile Industrial Liaison Officer
24. Emily Omondi Fashion Design &Marketing  
25. Deborah Okaako   Catering & Accommodation Course Tutor
26. Michael Owino Textile Technology  
27. Joshua Ochieng Apparel and Fashion Design  
28. Rutheve K’onyango ¬† Apparel and Fashion Design Assisting Research Coordinator
29. Barack Javan Hospitality Management  
30. Racquel Nekesa Khwatenge   Ecotourism Hotel & Institution Management Subject Teacher: French  
31. Limo Kipleting Simon,,   Food And Beverage-  
32. Diana Atieno Mbeya   Ecotourism &Hospitality Management  
33. Jane Kimeli Tourism and French  
34. Moses Otieno Odhiambo Business Management  
35. Maryleah Orlando Hospitality Management  
36. Sharon Jepngetich Apparel and Fashion Design  
37. Damary Anupi Onyango Clothing And Textile Technician- Clothing And Textile  Section
38. Lilian Odoyo Food and Beverage Management Technician-Hospitality Section
39. Susan Arodhi Food and Beverage Management Technician-Hospitality Section
40. Stephen Alala Food and Beverage Management Technician-Hospitality Section
41. Millicent Agunda Ecotourism Hotel & Institution Management Technician-Hospitality IGU Section
42. Janet Omieno Clothing And Textile   Technician- Clothing And Textile   IGU Section
FACILITIES within the department
  1. Food laboratory/Restaurants
  2. Kitchen Labs
  3. Clothing construction workshop
  4. Housekeeping rooms
  5. Theory rooms

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